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A seriously miserable day

Last October a morning began with me waking up a little after 7 and the curtains were still drawn. Downing a glass of orange juice while the kettle boiled in the kitchen was just the usual deal, except I did not look outside as normal.

A while back I had wanted to go on a foul weather hike, but everytime I stepped outside, the sun came out. I had just bought a pair of North Face waterproof trousers and wanted to test them out. That was a few years ago and I still had never worn the things, they just sat there, looking unfulfilled and sorry for themselves.

After checking my email and having a bite to eat, I wandered out to the balcony door, pulled back the curtain and was met by the single most miserable looking sky I've ever seen. The rain was coming down steadily from it and soaking everything in and around it's path. The thermometer on the wall to the left said 33 degrees. Cold and wet it was—it even "looked" cold.

At first I was not all the keen on stepping outside. I did some writing then stood looking out the window. It was about 2pm and the sky had barely lightened up all day. Thick cloud cover, the occasional thump of thunder and that really cold look just stayed. Okay, time for a foul weather walk.

The North Face leggings were unrolled, I bundled up with a good sweater and my fleece, donned my rain jacket with it's hood over a warm wooly hat and off I went to my usual stomping ground.

Once outside things changed. A wind made things worse as the rain drops pounded the hood of my rain jacket. The sound of this is kind of like a machine gun that has lost its rhythm. Some of the drops were soft, some hard, maybe the soft ones were sleet. The dark sky was like a looming dusk and stayed that way the entire time I was out.
Getting to the starting point was a bit funny. Here I was, on public transport, all wrapped up and the heat was on full blast. It was actually nice to get off and cool down a little. The walk wasn't all that long, maybe about 3 miles, but the water, oh the water. Trails were covered with it, about 1-3 inches deep. I found it easier to walk off trail, next to the flooded pathways than through the stuff. I wondered what it would be like if snow came.

I wanted a foul weather walk—and that's exactly what I got. Nothing spectacular happened. No one was about, plus I stayed dry and warm the entire length of the journey. The over-trousers did what they were supposed to—keeping my legs and top of my feet dry. Only the jacket let me down as I noticed, once home, the inside was a bit wet. Perhaps it was just the almost invisible bits of rain. Normally the jacket can handle a downpour. Then it could have been the sleet just sitting there and creeping through.

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