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Death of a golf course

A bit of time was available, so I headed for a place to see what was there. A town exists, with a population of around 100,000 and the residents pretend it is a village, unreality is too kind a word. At the edge of town, going down a hill to a major route, is a large park so I took a look see.

Win some, lose some

Once upon a time it was an 18 hole golf course. Walking around it said that this course was once a very serious piece of golfland. I don't think I saw a level fairway (or what was left of them) and the old greens looked like they had been made for pro's. The trouble is that the golf course changed hands (so to speak) to another region, which is heavily Socialist/Communist. Being such did not really go along with golf as part of the equation, so the course deteriorated and was left to die. Now they've turned it into a park and the original nearby people go there.

Undulating ground and trees were all over the place with a lot of people out walking their dogs, plus kids and friends. At one point I came across this lake. It had been made for swimming and looked very sterile. There were fences completely surrounding the water and when I asked why, the answer was—in case someone fell in the water. What? It's a swimming hole you twit! You're supposed to end up in the water—that's why it's there! I turned around and headed back. Along the way it got even worse.

Their make believe Chichen Itza

Capping off the whole pretense of the park is this. I could only laugh. I guess they sacrifice those who aren't like them by lobbing off their heads which bounce down the steps (like the Mayan original). Nearly everyone I met was very: White middle class, Anglo-Saxon, Protestant.

Now if it had been a good golf course, then the time might have been worth the effort.

Yeah, it's grayscale.
— Toad

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