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Seats and water drop

The winter weather was taking its toll on my psyche as I left the Negev and it's sandstorms. I need to breathe, cold or no, so decided to head west into Europe and find somewhere I would not be coughing up desert dust. For some stupid reason I ended up in England, thought why not and began tramping around in the cold wet weather—I'd come from one extreme to the other. Grabbing a train I headed to the southeast of London to hike toward the coast for a ferry out of the dumb place. Sitting down at one point brought a theme to mind.

Walking around various parts of the countryside present us with a large variety of things to see. Whether it's a vista from a mountain top, desert canyons or fields of crops, there is always something to see and navigate through or around. Some are boring, others exciting and occasionally, just there.

In some places you will find seats to sit on. They come in all sizes, types and ages (I sat on one once that distintegrated beneath me). Years ago I free climbed a 900 foot face to find a road and a bench to sit on and enjoy the view.
So it was good for lunch as I headed toward Dover.

Nice to give the legs a rest.

Nature's offerings.

During this particular trek, the rain had begun again and I ran across a waterlogged area where the liquid had managed to carve it's way out into small stream. To reach the flow and small drop occurred with a miniature waterfall doing it's thing.
Everywhere was waterlogged, this is a typical example.

Across the sort of bridgy thing I could see a place to sit on the trunk of the tree. However, the rain began to fall harder, driven by a slight wind that seemed to be increasing. The decision was made to continue on and find somewhere I could take a break.

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